Israel’s Allies in Guatemala

Israel’s Allies in Guatemala

On July 11th the Israel Allies Foundation (IAF) took a decisive step in the process to build a pro-Israel Caucus in the Congress of Guatemala. The Guatemala-Israel Inter Parliamentary Friendship Group invited the Israel Allies Foundation Latin America Program to make a presentation to its members. After the presentation, a group of 23 Congressmen signed a Solidarity and Friendship Declaration with the State of Israel.

The group of 23 Parliamentarians from different political parties signed a pro-Israel Declaration that reaffirms their support to Israel and the Jewish People, with security and peace, and recognized the right of the Jewish People to use their legal and diplomatic channels to determine that Jerusalem is their Capital. The declaration also condemns countries and governments that facilitate or support terrorism. It also reaffirmed their commitment to Democracy and acknowledged Human Rights.

The parliamentarians honored the Israeli Ambassador in Guatemala, Moshe Bachar, with an award for his many years of work to strengthen ties between Israel and Guatemala. Also in attendance were leaders from the faith community.

The President of the Guatemala-Israel Parliamentary Friendship Group, Congressman Juan Manuel Díaz Durán, said in his remarks to parliamentarians at the meeting that "for years, the solidarity and friendship between the people of Guatemala and Israel has been very clear. Specially since 1947 when the Republic of Guatemala played a determining role in world events, thus giving rise to the issuance of Resolution 181 of the United Nations Organization, which led to the recognition of the State of Israel and its birth within the World context, as a sovereign, free and independent nation”.

The IAF works in 14 countries across Latin America and aims to strengthen international support for Israel in governments and parliaments around the world. IAF Latin America Director, Leopoldo Martinez addressed the assembled parliamentarians in Guatemala “The IAF has supported strengthening Israel and her international relations in 35 parliaments around the world until today. The declaration is the first and decisive step to form a Pro-Israel Caucus in Guatemala. We look forward to working with the Inter Parliamentary Friendship Group to form an Israel Allies Caucus in Guatemala."

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