It's the Law:

Over 18 years ago, Congress passed the Jerusalem Embassy Act of 1995 into public law. The law states that it is the policy of the United States that Jerusalem should remain an undivided city and should be recognized as the capital of the State of Israel, and that the US Embassy in Israel should be established in Jerusalem no later than May 31, 1999.

However, before the legislation was enacted into law, a waiver was negotiated that would give the President the power to postpone implementing this legislation for 6 months in the interest of national security. Every year since 1998 the President has utilized the presidential waiver and on December 4, 2012, President Obama signed the waiver again.

Why is this important to us?

As our only democratic ally in the Middle East, it is within our security interests today to protect and strengthen the nation of Israel. Israel stands on the front lines of a physical and ideological war in the Middle East. By relocating the US Embassy to Jerusalem, we send a strong statement to the sworn enemies of Israel that we believe in Israel’s historical tie to the land and her right to live there in peace and security.

Furthermore, it has only been under Israeli control that freedom of religion has been protected and the holy sites have remained open to all faiths. By establishing Jerusalem's status now in U.S. policy, we ensure the continued protection of these rights that Israel has safeguarded for over 40 years.

What Action Can You Take?

During the 113th Congress, legislation has once again been introduced in the U.S. House to recognize Jerusalem and move the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem in the form of H.R.104, the Jerusalem Embassy and Recognition Act of 2013.  If passed, this legislation would remove the Presidential waiver power and begin the process of moving the U.S. Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.  H.R. 104 would also publicly affirm as a matter of United States policy that Jerusalem must remain the undivided capital of the State of Israel. 

As Prime Minister Netanyahu reiterated in his address to Congress last May, we must remember “…that only since 1967 has freedom of worship and the protection of the holy sites of all faiths been upheld. Israel has guaranteed those fundamental rights […] and we believe that this reality should continue into the future.” The passage of H.R. 104 would be a positive step toward ensuring future generations access to all of Jerusalem, and the continued protection of the current inhabitants’ religious freedom. It would also cement our nation’s support of the Jewish people’s historic connection to the city of Jerusalem. 

"If you want the peace of Jerusalem, keep Jerusalem united under Israel."
- Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

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