CBN News Coverage of Chairman’s Conference in Jerusalem

CBN News Coverage of Chairman’s Conference in Jerusalem

JERUSALEM, Israel -- Israel often finds itself alone in a crowd when it comes to the international arena. One group hopes to change that by showing the world the many friends of the Jewish state.

Israel Allies Foundation, a pro-Israel group of lawmakers from around the world, recently gathered in Jerusalem to lend legislative support to Israel.

"What we are doing is something that nobody has done before," Willem Griffioen, director of the Israel Allies Foundation, told CBN News. "We formed this international network of more than 500 members of parliament around the world to support Israel and to speak with one voice."

"For us to provide this forum, a mini-U.N. if you will that is encouraging Israel, I think is vitally important to Israel's spirit, for their ability to make the tough decisions they have to make," he said.

"When you see that many other people in different countries like South Africa, different countries of Europe, different countries in Latin America the United States, Canada, many countries…we are working together toward the same goal to give us strength to fight in these necessary and difficult times," Minister Ruperto Long, from Uraguay, said.

These lawmakers have seen practical results. South African parliamentarian Kenneth Mashow stopped legislation that would restrict Israeli exports to South Africa.

"Our friends in Israel who are exporting to South Africa can go ahead and do what they were doing, and we assured them we will not have the law that will target Israel in the South African parliament as long as we are there," Mashow said.

Rep. Trent Franks, R-Ariz., leads the Israel Allies Caucus in the United States. He said Israel sits on the front lines in the worldwide battle with Islamic jihad.

"I think sincerely that there's never been a more critical time in my lifetime to stand with Israel than right now," Franks told CBN News.

"And facing a nuclear Iran that Israel unfortunately faces right now, I think is one of the most vital security issues in the world and America must stand with Israel," he continued.

"People more and more in the Congress are understanding that the peace of the entire world right now is largely predicated on what happens to Israel," he said.

During the conference, the Israel Allies Foundation released a declaration supporting an undivided Jerusalem and stating that Iran represents a clear and present danger to the existence of the State of Israel.

So far, the foundation has established 20 such groups around the world with more in the works. It's merging biblical appreciation for Israel with political action.

Israeli Rabbi Benny Elon believes the movement "is not just a political thing."

"And by doing this we are locating grassroots, we are locating communities of believers that go back to the Bible and…Jerusalem and support Israel," Rabbi Benny Elon, president of the Israel Allies Foundation, said.

"We are going to the spiritual leaders and to the political representatives in Africa and Asia … it's just the beginning and it just goes and goes. And I believe that there's a real movement behind it, it's not just a political thing," he concluded.

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